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Welcome to our new website! our camping pitches and communal areas open on 29 april 2024 follow us …. Soon pictures of all the news! 


A small drop in the history of man, a big step in our daily lives…

The 10 tips to follow to relearn how to enjoy the moment,
Recovering direct contact with the elements, nature, the taste for effort, learning to live at your own pace, an essential happiness:

1/ define mobile phone-free zones (at the table, next to the bed, in the hammocks, by the water …) to avoid ‘nomophobia’ …
2/ be consistent, apply orders of importance to yourself
3/ deactivate phone alerts
4/ control time-wasters: answer emails at a very defined frequency
5/ separate the work and group telephone and e-mail reminders into one time slot during the day
6/ compensate: allow yourself activities to compensate, pleasurable activities based on the body and the senses (sport, listening to nature, colouring, reading…)
7/ remain objective: keep a classic news mode, go for a coffee to read the newspaper or to exchange ideas
8/ put things into perspective: don’t let yourself be led astray by watching videos about everything and anything, time is so precious…
9/ turn off your mobile phone, don’t just use aeroplane mode
10/ take a walk by the river, and enjoy the calm waters of the Dordogne to soothe all the urges to search for a network …

A family campsite for nature lovers.

19 March 2022

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