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Welcome to our new website! our camping pitches and communal areas open on 17 June! follow us …. Soon pictures of all the news!

Well-being facilities

Take time to pamper yourself…

Located within the old farm, this cosy and intimate space proposes sauna, balneotherapy and professional massages for a moment of intense relaxation tailor-made just for you.


The sauna

An ancestral practice for both body and mind

Purifying and relaxing, this treatment strengthens your natural defense system and protects you from stress and disease while energising your body.


The sauna


Le sauna


Fresh water therapy

As you lie in water, jets of varying intensity dilate the pores of your skin, allowing the oligo-elements contained in water to penetrate your body.
Relaxing and therapeutic, it contributes to well-being for both body and mind.
Immersed in water, you can opt for a complete massage from the cervical spine to the arch of the foot or for lymphatic drainage.




La balnéotherapie

Le massage

For the complete wellness experience

Thanks to the virtues of balneotherapy, your body is ready for a full massage with immediate and wonderful benefits…