cygnes dans la rivière
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Welcome to our new website! our camping pitches and communal areas open on 29 april 2024 follow us …. Soon pictures of all the news! 

An environmentally-conscious campsite in the Dordogne Valley

An eco-camping experience for a relaxing holiday on the river banks.
Get back to nature at the Village du Port. Our green policies, environmentally friendly facilities and stunning setting make it the perfect antidote to city life.

Our natural site stretches over 5 hectare salong the Dordogne river. Everything has been put into place in order to preserve the diversity and beauty of the Dordogne Valley.

A campsite surrounded by nature In the Dordogne Valley

We are fortunate to live in a place preserved from pollution.
The Village du Port campsite is set in the heart of nature, in an area designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

In our holiday village, we have put everything into place so as to promote the development of biodiversity and limit our impact on the environment.

Our small eco-campsite promotes a responsible way to travel and respect for the well-being of the local population.

Camping les pieds dans l'eau

An eco-campsite on the banks of the Dordogne

Our objective is to preserve the natural riches of the Dordogne Valley.

Waste management, selective sorting

When full, our campsite produces the waste equivalent of 60 families.

Recycling is a priority :

  • Plastic, cardboard and metal containers are collected and recycled
  • Corks and plastic bottle tops are collected to fund a medical research association
  • Batteries and light bulbs are dropped directly at the refuse centre
  • Organic waste can be recycled in the hen house or composted near the sanitary block
  • Old bread helps feeding the horses.

Eco-friendly accommodation

No mobile homes! Instead, our accommodation is constructed with natural building materials such as wood and cotton canvas, in total harmony with the surroundings.

With our no car policy, the Village du Port puts Mother Nature centre stage.

Less polluting agents

As a car-free holiday park, our campsite is also the place where the drinking water of all the surrounding villages is collected.

We only use eco-label certified products.

The fields are maintained by horses to avoid motorised noise and pollution.

The laundry is collected by a certified centre for the disabled.

la rivière Dordogne Chevaux au pré

Better water management

Artesian wells allow the watering of the vegetable garden and plantations with untreated water.

All our pruning is shredded and used as mulch to reduce watering.

We collect rainwater for the toilet facilities and all our water points are equipped with water savers.

Plantation du verger Les légumes du potager

Better care of local biodiversity

What could be more soothing than waking up to the sound of birds singing? Protecting the environment is our priority and we put many measures into place :

  • Installation of bird nesting boxes
  • Plantation of a new orchard with various traditional trees to encourage bee pollination
  • Building of an insect “hotel” with recycled wood
  • Construction of hedgehog and squirrel shelters throughout the site…
Nichoir à oiseaux Hotel à insectes

Out of season, our holiday park is a haven of peace where various animals find refuge to reproduce :

  • The beach, submerged by the river in winter, gets transformed into a refuge in the off season. The salicaria (large plants with pink flowers in summer) are used by dragonflies for laying their eggs. They are an essential part of a balanced local biosphere.
  • Our swimming pools are left untreated in winter so that animals can come and drink away from the predators of the river.
  • When we reopen the pools, they are full of life!
  • With buckets we collect tadpoles and salamanders… before setting them free in the river…

Local food

« Chez Sophie », is our on-site grocery shop, selling only local products from the Dordogne Valley (even the sodas!) to support the local economy.

A true local and organic production, just as it was with my grandparents’ farm.

Panier de pommes

We put measures into place to reduce waste

We work with local craftsmen and materials for the building of our accommodation and outdoor spaces.

Wood is our material of choice. We mainly use Douglas pine and Poplar trees sourced locally from the family sawmill created in 1910!

Whenever possible, we buy old furniture and give it a second life.
Some of our tents are ‘bohemian chic’, for a great glamping experience…

We don’t own the world, we are just passing through it…We have to strive to take care of nature and all its beauty so as to leave it for the generations to come.

mobilier en bois des matériaux naturels et locaux