From 1990 to 2020

Tourism in the area continued to develop & seeing that his campsite was very popular he decided to create a small holiday village.
‘Le Village du Port’ was born.
He invested & constructed, slowly the village took shape from what was once just a field.
In 1990 my parents, Daniel & Françoise opened ‘Le Village du Port’, 6 houses close to the river bank…

Fishermen & tourists mingle, the atmosphere is very friendly & family orientated.
In 1996 it was my turn to take over the running of the village.
Play areas, mini tennis, two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi & restaurant…..
All with the aim, to enhance your stay.

Sophie, Daniel & Françoise love their village & are waiting for you at St Sozy……

Daniel & Françoise pass by the village each day, Françoise on her bike & Daniel in his white van, just in case there are any repairs to be made!
René & Simone my grandparents come at the end of each day, once the canoes have passed to fish from their barque.
You’ll recognize them, René with his fisherman’s cap & Simone with her hat but both with a fishing rod!
They are a mine of local information, don’t hesitate to ask.

Our camping friends from the 1950’s are now over 80 but they still come every year with a box of chocolates for my grandparents….