From 1850 to 1990

History 1850 -1990

My great great grandfather lived here, there wasn’t a bridge at this time.

He provided a wooden boat or‘ Barque’for the locals to cross the river between St Sozy & Meyronne. Later they constructed the bridge.

His son ‘Jean’ became a farmer & was followed by his son ‘René’.
In the 1950’s holidays started to become common place & René sold his vegetables to the tourists.
Then one day a tourist asked if he could plant his tent in René’s field as the location was so amazing.

For 10 years his ‘vegetable clients’ returned & camped by the river.
René always said ‘the campers are back!’ it was a great distraction for the locals & always a good reason to
have a break from farming!

René’s son Daniel loved visiting the campers & later became a builder.
He still lives in St Sozy & loves the area.