Family reunion, group, marriage

Organize a party, a family reunion, wedding … or just a meeting of friends the space of a weekend …?

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To welcome groups, family reunions, the hotel offers a large room of 80 m² equipped with bathroom … with direct access to the terrace under the trees overlooking the river”, this room is also extended by a covered playground 80 m² facing the pool!

You are up to 20 people, our cottage group friends” offers a dining room where you can dine up to 20 people!

The village of St Sozy, walking distance, offers all shops: Bakery, supermarket, butcher … but 3 caterers who will deliver meals or meals with great facilities!
Between friends:
How about a canoe descent with picnic or a hike on the cliffs of Blanzaguet?

All this without using your car!